InterView™ FUSION Medical Imaging visualization and evaluation software

InterView™ FUSION is a new visualization and evaluation software developed by Mediso.

Built on state of the art technology, novel image processing algorithms and tools to provide an effective and fully flexible way in order to evaluate different medical imaging modalities.

It provides multimodality registration and fusion of SPECT, PET, CT and MRI studies via several specialized viewers and auto-registration algorithms. Statistical measurements by ROIs, VOIs are present as well just as SUV representations for PET images. A wide range of function-specialized toolboxes provide a well-detailed, fast and easy evaluation of medical images combining with advanced visualizations and interactions with flexible workspaces.

Direct reading and recognition of different image modalities from DICOM files, saving processed images and studies in DICOM is supported.

InterView™ FUSION is built on the philosophy of full flexibility enhancing the workflow of all levels of institutions ranging from private labs to academic sites hence it provides customizing the whole view by the user. Whenever the operator wants to create custom layouts with manually defined viewers in them or wants to show and align only those toolboxes needed for the actual work, InterView™ FUSION will give free hands to build up custom workplaces for the actual needs. Saving and sharing the custom view templates is a basic feature of InterView™ FUSION. Any time when recovery of predefined views for the particular evaluations, or sharing them on other InterView™ FUSION workstations are necessary this feature is fully supported.

  • Multimodality image processing workstation for clinical applications
  • New visualisation and evaluation software
  • Fast and easy evaluation of medical images
  • State of the art technology
  • Effective and fully flexible
  • Multimodality - SPECT, PET, CT and MRI
  • Wide range functions


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