High/Medium Activity Radiation Lead Glass Vial Shield

The High/Medium Activity Lead Glass Vial Shield protects the user from hand and eye exposure when inspecting vials before aspiration.

The new vial glass is developed for High/Medium activity whilst offering complete 360° visibility at all times. The vial glass is shielded for low-energy isotopes. Tungsten components within the vial shield allow for the small physical dimensions and lightweight.

The lead glass has a unique magnetic lift-off top for needle injection. The enclosed vial adapters ensure that the vial is always correctly positioned and aligned.

 Lead Glass Thickness

20 mm, equivalent of 6.4 mm Pb


Internal: D 31 x H 60 mm
External: D 75 x H 90 mm

 Standard hole

Ø 5 mm


5 x 13 mm on demand


1.6 kg


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