Hot cell for the operation of automated synthesis modules

The mini cell is especially designed for the operation of customary PET synthesis modules or hot cells adapted for research or nuclear medical purposes. The GMP-compliant design ensures the quality of production conditions. 

There are four different types, Type I, Type II, Type III and Type IV. The standard model consists of a stainless steel cell and 75 mm lead shielding. A shielded door with an optional lead glass window is implemented at the front side for easy access to the synthesis module.

Customizable design of the mini cell and the thickness of the shielding for customer intended process and / or physical conditions. 

Also available are special solutions for the handling of Ga-68 which include coating the inner cell with polyethylene for handling hydrochloric acid.


  • Adjustment of the dimensions and the height of the cladding
  • Pull- out for synthesis module
  • Fittings and bushings for gas pipes
  • Double mini cell arranged vertically one above the other
  • Laptop holder
  • Shielded bushings for nuclides
  • Storage box for radioactive waste
  • Specially for 68Ga: PE coating of the inner cell for handling Hydrochloric acid
  • Shielded generator storage box below the mini cell with sealed bushings to the inner cell

Dimensions / Weight


Internal (WxDxH)

External (WxD)



Type I 700x560x775mm                920x850 mm                        3000 mm              ~3,500 kg
Type II 700x640x775mm                920x930 mm                        3000 mm              ~3,800 kg
Type III 850x640x775mm                1070x930 mm                      3000 mm              ~4,500 kg
Type IV 700x500x610mm 920x770 mm                        3000 mm              ~6,000 kg

to do:

material                                    Inner cell stainless steel (1.4301)
shielding                                 75 mm lead on all sides
execution                                  Swing door hinged on the left or right
Radiation protection window                       145x145 mm (WxH), 75 mm lead equivalent
Tightness inner cell                        Leakage rate <0.25% / h according to DIN 25412-2
Ventilation technology  
Supply air                                      H13 filter, connection DN 25
Exhaust air H13 filter with activated carbon, connection DN 25
Vacuum regulation                      manually operated ball valves
Monitoring                                  Differential pressure
Electrics / pneumatics  
Power connection                              3x230 / 400 V 50 Hz N / PE, 16 A back-up fuse
consumption                                   approx. 1 kW
Sockets                                  2 pieces inside the cell (IP54), switchable from the outside, 2 pieces above / below
Compressed air                                   the cell min. 6 bar
material                                    powder coated steel plates
color                                       Pure white (RAL 9010) or according to customer requirements


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