Main Applications

  • For use with high to very high spatial resolution SPECT and PET systems
  • System performance evaluation (collimator, artifacts, calibration, reconstruction parameters)
  • Acceptance testing
  • Routine quality, assurance and control
  • Evaluation of center-of-rotation error
  • Evaluation of non-uniformity artifact
  • Evaluation of changes of radius-of-rotation on spatial resolution
  • Evaluation of reconstruction filters on spatial resolution
  • Evaluation of attenuation and scatter compensation
  • Research

Main Features

  • ECT phantoms with protruding flanged top and with 3.2 mm cylinder wall thickness



All clear material


Internal Diameter

 216 mm

Internal Height

 186 mm

Wall thickness

 3.2 mm


All clear material


Rod Height

 88 cm

Height of centre sphere to base plate


Rod Diameter

 1  4.8 mm
 2   6.4 mm
 3  7.9 mm
 4  9.5 mm
 5  11.1 mm
 6  12.7 mm

Solid Sphere Diameter

 1  9.5 mm
 2  12.7 mm
 3  15.9 mm
 4  19.1 mm
 5  25.4 mm
 6  31.8 mm


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