Pro-Tec PET/MR Syringe Shield

This non-magnetic, Pro-Tec PET/MR Syringe Shield reduces hand exposure from syringes containing 511keV radionuclides.

The barrel of the shield is constructed of .34" thick tungsten which attenuates FDG F-18 by 88%. The shield is clearly labeled and engraved as MR safe to avoid confusion. A 5.6 high density, flush-mounted, lead-glass window provides additional protection and optimal visibility. A white reflective surface on the shield interior improves viewing of the syringe's markings and fluid content. A thumbscrew holds syringes firmly in place. The Pro-Tec PET/MR Syringe Shield accommodates the standard sized 3ml and 5ml syringes.


  • MR conditional for 3T
  • Ideal for the adminstration of isotopes for PET/MR imaging
  • Easily sanitised with alcohol wipes


34" thick tungsten; attenuates FDG F-18 by 88%


34" thick (9mm) tungsten

Lead glass density



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