High-Energy (PET) Sharps Container Shield

High-Energy (PET) Sharps Container Shield designed to stand on, or recess into, a counter-top.

The Sharps Container Shield for PET is a simple, safe and convenient solution for disposal of syringes that have been contaminated with high-energy radionuclides. The shield is constructed of steel and lined with 1" thick (2.5cm) lead. The shield is designed to be used with 039-413 sharps containers. It features a lockable sliding cover for container removal and a hinged top door for syringe disposal. The shield can stand independently or can be recessed into a cabinet or counter-top. 


 H 12" x D 8.75" (30.5 x 22.2cm)

Lead Shielding

 Side & Bottom  1" thick (2.5cm)
 Rotating Cover  .875" thick (2.2cm)
 Hinged Door  .625" thick (1.5cm)




 175lb (79.4kg)

Shipping Weight

 222 lb (100.6 kg) 


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