Shielded Decay Drum

The Shielded Decay Drum provides safe handling and storage of radioactive waste material.

The drum features a top-loading, handled lid with a 6.5" x 8" drop port. Each drum includes three 30-gallon plastic liners. With two Shielded Decay Drums on hand, a rotation system can be instituted for an even more practical storage and decay process. The optional dolly simplifies transport of the decay drum.


 H 30" x D 19.5" (76 x 50cm)

Drop Port

 6.5" x 8" (16.5 x 20.3cm)


039-287: 160 lb (72kg)
039-288: 280 lb (128.8kg)
039-289: 480 lb (217.7kg)

Shipping weight

039-287: 238 lb (107kg)
039-288: 358 lb (162.7kg)
039-289: 558 lb  (253.6kg)

Lead Shielding

039-287: .125" (.3cm)
039-288: .25" (.64cm)
039-289: .5" (1.3cm)
  • Large Drop Port
  • Completely Shielded


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