Shielded PET Unit Dose Cabinet

Designed for PET hot labs with limited space, the PET Unit Dose Cabinet provides a space-efficient work area over a fully shielded storage cabinet.

The cabinet supports the Biodex Compact L-Block with Built-in Dose Calibrator Shield, the Sharps Container Shield, the Lead Brick Cave, and accommodates all of the Atomlab Dose Calibrators and many others. The dose calibrator display unit mounts on a stand above the counter top to maximise work space. The lower cabinet has key-locking doors, two sliding bottom shelves, and two sliding upper shelves. This cabinet is completely shielded on all six sides with 6mm, 12.7mm and 25mm lead, and can stand alone or be grouped with other cabinets.



Compact L-Block Shield with Built-in Dose Calibrator Shield
PET Sharps Container Shield
Lead Brick Cave
Atomlab Dose Calibrators and most others

Sliding shelves for

PET shipping containers
Small items
  • Designed for PET hot labs with limited space
  • Lead shielded on all six sides
  • Key-locked doors 


L 24" x W 36.5" x H 36.5" (61 x 93 x 93cm)

Lead shielding

25" thick (.64cm)


Powder coat




Stainless steel with 4" (10.2cm) backsplash and .5" (1.3cm) lip

Weight Capacity

1550lb (703kg)


1240lb (562kg)

Order code:  (244-200)


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