A complete, mobile, self-contained Medical Spectrometer System

The Atomlab™ 960 Thyroid Uptake System is an advanced multi-purpose spectrum analysis instrument designed for diverse nuclear medicine applications. Uptake studies, wipe tests, and other user-defined tasks are accomplished with speed and precision using this fully integrated computer-controlled instrument and its comprehensive selection of application software.

The system’s multichannel analyzer has 1024 channels, with individual MCAs for the probe and optional well counter. Engineered for mobility, durability and operational efficiency, the Atomlab™ 960 handles clinical tests, safety compliance tasks, and system administration procedures quickly and accurately. Intuitive menus follow conventionally established nuclear medicine procedures, providing step-by-step guidance throughout all defined procedures. The system automatically performs calculations, stores patient information and test results, and outputs clear, concise reports. User-defined uptake protocols can be initiated. 

The self-contained Atomlab™ 960 system is configured on a compact mobile platform with locking casters and a base that measures only L 34" by W 26" (86.4 x 66cm).  An upper shelf supports the flat panel PC with touch-screen display and keyboard.  The stand provides convenient storage positions for Neck Phantom, Calibration/Constancy Fixture, and optional well counter. A 2" x 2" NaI(Tl) detector with collimator shield articulates on a ­multi-axis and height adjustable counterbalanced arm.

The 24.5" (62.2cm) of vertical travel allows the probe to be positioned from 30.5 to 55" (77.5 to 139.7cm) in the horizontal position from the floor to accommodate seated or supine patients. The probe swings more than 180° on the horizontal plane, and extends outward, up to approximately 31" (78.7cm) horizontally from the support column. This design makes positioning for uptake studies simple and comfortable for both patient and technologist. The combination of positioning LED and distance measurement rod assures accurate, repeatable patient positioning and uptake measurements.

Medical Spectrometer Hardware

All-In-One Flat Panel PC

  • 15.6" Color Touchscreen, Windows Operating System, Solid State Hard Drive, Ethernet, USB, Video/Audio Out, Built-In Speakers and Color Printer.

Multichannel Analyzer



Spectral Resolution


Count Rate

150,000 cps for Tc-99m (Maximum)

Count Rate Stability


Gross Count Rate Linearity

Within 5% up to 150,000 cps

Pulse Height Linearity

Within 2% (independent of detector)

Detector High Voltage Adjustment

Automatic adjustment for both probe and well; uses 10 µCi Cs-137 as the calibration source

Medical Spectrometer Software

Factory Programmed

Au-198, Ba-133, Ba-133 (well), Co-57, Co-57 (w), Co-58 (w), Co-60, Cr-51, Cs-137, Fe-59, F-18, Ga-67, Hg 197, I-123, I-125, I-131, In-111, Ir-192, K-42, Lu-177, Na-24, Pd-103, Ra-223, Se-75, Sr-85, Tc-99m, Tc-99m (w), Tc-99m/Tl-201, Tl-201, Yb-169, wide window

User Set

Unlimited user defined isotopes, setting ROI, half life, name, efficiency and range

187-602 Well Counter


2" x 2" Nal (Tl) integral line scintillation detector with a .75" dia x 1.44" deep well (1.9 x 3.7cm)

Lead Shielding

1" thick (2.5cm)


125" thick (.32 cm)


50lb (22.7kg)


2" x 2" Nal (Tl) integral line scintillation detector with a .75" dia x 1.44" deep well (1.9 x 3.7cm)

Lead Shielding

1" thick (2.5cm)


125" thick (.32cm)


50lb (22.7kg)

187-603 Lead Shield, Well Counter


2" x 2" Nal (TI)

Lead Shielding

1" thick (2.5cm)


69lb (31.4kg)


2" x 2" Nal (Tl) integral line scintillation detector 

Uptake Stands


Arm down and retracted L 34" x W 26" x H 55" (86.4 x 66 x 139.7cm)
Maximum Height 60" (152.4cm)
Maximum Length 61" (154.9cm)

Collimated Shield

Flat field collimator meeting IAEA specifications


Distance bar and positioning light


Counterbalanced, two section arm, moves 24.5" (62.2cm) vertically and extends 31" (78.7cm) horizontally from stand's vertical column


4" Total locking


280lb (127kg)

Combined weight with Well Counter

330lb (150kg)


Low voltage transformer with hospital grade power cord and plug

Line voltage

120 VAC, 60 Hz, 2 AMP circuit breaker
230 VAC, 50 Hz, 1 AMP circuit breaker


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