Sound Pro Combination Table

The Sound Pro™ Combination Table brings together the imaging features of both the Ultra Pro and Echo Pro tables.

Fully equipped for OB/GYN, general ultrasound and echocardiography procedures, the extra wide tabletop is designed with advanced ergonomics to provide maximum comfort for both patient and sonographer.

Designed to conform to natural body extension and sitting position, the motorized Fowler positioning is infinitely adjustable to 80 degrees via hand or foot control. The table is so accommodating, it reduces the total amount of time required to achieve a quality image. Stress patients are off the treadmill and quickly onto the table in imaging position.

The cardiac drop-down cushion releases from either side of the table, providing open access to the patient’s left thorax area for an unencumbered apical approach. Flush-mounted side rails enable closer access to the patient, without sonographer contortion. When not in use, rails fold beneath the table, eliminating obstruction.

Patient comfort

Patient comfort is assured even during lengthy procedures with our Naugahyde® antimicrobial mattress cover, which also provides protection against bacteria. Standard accessories available to expand the function of your table include ergonomic stirrups that cup at the heel, an articulating scanning arm board (adjustable from 0 to 130 degrees) and a foot controller for when hands are busy with other functions. The optional Headrest is removable and adjustable, providing convenient access and patient comfort during carotid and thyroid procedures.


Overall L 71" x W 30" (180.3 x 76.2cm); W 35" (88.9cm) with side rails
Cardiac Scanning Cutout L 15.75" x W 9.5" (40 x 24.1cm)
Sonographer Cutout L 14.75" x W 8" (37.4 x 20.3cm)
Drop-Down Leg Section L 12.6" (32cm)


Height Adjustable 23" to 39" (58.4 to 99cm)
Trendelenburg 0° to ±15°
Fowler Positioning 0° to 80° infinitely adjustable


Hand Control Activates height, Trendelenburg motions, Fowler positioning and auto level motions
Foot Control Activates height, Trendelenburg motions and Fowler positioning


5" (12.7cm) Individual locking swivel casters; central floor-locking system


Torso section Features sonographer and patient cutouts with Fowler positioning; center section remains fixed and leg section drops down to 40° and 80° for stirrup access
Drop-Down Cardiac Scanning Cushion Release from either side of the table
Adjustable Sonographer Cushion Drops down or folds up for maximum access to the patient


Torso section 2" (5cm) thick, center and leg sections 3" (8cm) thick; Naugahyde®, antimicrobial mattress cover with Advanced BeautyGard® provides protection against bacteria 

Upholstery Color


Patient Restraints

One body strap


Powder coat

Patient Capacity

500lb (227kg); weight tested to four times the patient load rating


350lb (159kg)


115 VAC (058-710) or 230 VAC (058-715)

Suitable Procedures

  • Abdomen

  • Renal

  • Aorta

  • Pelvis

  • Endovaginal

  • OB

  • Hysterosonography

  • Thyroid

  • Testicular

  • Breast

  • Musculoskeletal

  • Carotid

  • DVT/Lower Extremity Venous

  • Lower Extremity Arterial

  • Venous Reflux

  • Upper Extremity Venous

  • Upper Extremity Arterial

  • Renal Artery

  • Renal Transplant

  • Abdominal Doppler

  • SMA

  • Echocardiography

  • Stress Echo

  • Transesophogeal Echo (TEE)



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