AnyScan SPECT Medical Imaging System

The small footprint of AnyScan® makes it possible to integrate the system into different clinical settings. In addition, the flexible modular system architecture allows Mediso to offer a variety of models within the family.

Owing to the modular build-up the AnyScan® is a flexible, variable system with an easy combination of modalities. The system combinations may easily follow the needs of the NM-clinics or departments.

AnyScan SPECT Medical Imaging System Key Features:

  • Variable Geometry Dual Detector
  • Whole-body auto-contouring
  • DICOM output
  • Compact small footprint
  • Upgradeable to SPECT/CT and SPECT/PET/CT
  • Starting from a standalone SPECT upgraded to SPECT-CT or SPECT-CT-PET according to the growing need for modalities
  • The integration of InterView FUSION, Mediso's unique software platform into the AnyScan® system also offers a common intuitive user interface and enables easy access to patient data. InterView FUSION, with its multimodality implementation, is uniquely suited for hybrid imaging systems like AnyScan®

SPECT Detector


530 mm x 390 mm

Crystal thickness

9.5 mm standard, optional: 12.5 mm or 15.9 mm
  • Two rectangular jumbo FOV ultra high resolution high stability detectors 
  • NaI(Tl) scintillation crystal
  • 56 pcs of high quantum efficiency PMTs

SPECT Detector Electronics

  • 1 ADC/PMT electronics
  • High Precision preamplifier electronics
  • Computer Controlled PMT autotunning processor for fast PMT gain stabilization and adjustment

SPECT Gantry

  • New ergonomic open design
  • 180 and 101 or 90 degree variable angle head positions
  • Pre-programmed robotic gantry motions
  • Maintenance–free mechanical design
  • Full automatic motion calibrations

SPECT Collimators

  • Dual infrared line auto body contour facility 


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