New LigandTracer publications in the nuclear medicine field

29th April 2021

Characterize your radiotracer with LigandTracer

Bartec is the UK distributor for LigandTracer, a molecular interaction monitor for studying biological interactions in real-time.

Whether your radiotracer is an antibody, affibody, DARPin, ADAPT scaffold protein or a small peptide antagonist, you can characterize its binding properties to target cells with LigandTracer.

Ex vivo uptake of small molecules such as FDG and acetate can also be monitored to study aspects of cellular metabolism.

Example publications

  • Prostate cancer imaging: A bombesin derived GRPR antagonist was labelled with 66Ga and binding kinetics to prostate cancer cells was determined.

  • Breast cancer imaging: A DARPin molecule targeting EpCAM was labeled with 125I and 99mTc to compare binding to breast cancer cells.

  • Accuracy of FDG PET/CT in diabetes: Cellular FDG uptake in the presence of different glucose concentrations was followed with LigandTracer White.

  • Prostate cancer aggressiveness: In vitro kinetics of 11C-acetate uptake to prostate cancer cell lines differing in aggressiveness were compared to assess their carbon flux.