Difficulty returning TLD dosimeters during COVID?

12th April 2021

Smart radiation monitoring with Instadose®+ 

The Instadose®+ dosimeter uses Bluetooth and Direct Ion Storage (DIS) technology to provide high sensitivity and accurate dose monitoring without the need to return dosimeters for analysis.

From automatic dose reads captured by smart devices (phones and tablets), InstaLink™ Hotspots or PCs, to high dose notification alerts and online badge reassignments - Instadose®+ simplifies the administration of any radiation monitoring program.

Manage dosimeter allocations and download results 

Location administrators can manage dosimeter allocations, view and download wearers dosimeter results and produce reports via the Account Management Program (AMP+) on-line - soon to be replaced with Dose Central. 

Wearers can also review results via their user-specific log in on AMP+ or via the Instadose App on their smart devices, thereby giving them oversight and ownership of their results.