Bartec bids farewell and happy retirement to Mike Bewick and Karim Ramli

28th January 2021

Bartec says goodbye to Mike and Karim

This month we are sad to be saying farewell to two long-serving Bartec employees embarking on retirement; Mike Bewick, Managing Director and Karim Ramli, Service Engineer.

Both Mike and Karim have long histories with Bartec and will be deeply missed by the Bartec team and wider group staff.

Richard Brown, Managing Director at the LabLogic Group, said: “I’d like to wish Mike and Karim all the best in their retirement. Two of what I’d call “really good guys”! Both were a pleasure to deal with and had all the right values you want in work colleagues. They will be missed!”

Mike Bewick 

"1980 - 40 years ago I started working as a Medical Physics Technician in the isotopes department at Newcastle General Hospital. I was one of a team of ten technicians, great days and a real pleasure working there with some true friends for life.
1992 - I started working at Sunderland Royal Hospital – as Chief Technician – initially a team of 4, which expanded over the next 9 years to a team of 8. I had the best team ever!
1997 - EANM Glasgow – I met my wife to be Diane – certainly the highlight of the 40 years I’ve spent in Nuclear Medicine.
2002 - I was tempted by industry after 22 years working in the NHS and started at GE. I had some great times in GE/Amersham – one of note was saving SeHCAT™ - long story!
2011 - I started a new venture working at Bartec as Sales and Marketing Director, eventually becoming Managing Director following the acquisition by the LabLogic Group.

It’s been a blast - but time to hand in the dosimeter and retire now.”

To Mike, from our employees

John Clapham: “When the ownership of a company changes hands, the relationship between the group management and the senior management of the acquired company does not automatically run smoothly. With LabLogic and Bartec, it has been fine. Mike’s genial nature and his passion for his products made the transfer of ownership straightforward. I’ll miss working with Mike and I’ve particularly appreciated his handover to me in recent weeks. All the best to Mike in his retirement; don’t be a stranger to us!”

Scott Taylor: “I had known Mike for many years before he contacted me about working for Bartec and I took the job specifically to work with Mike. He’s been a great Manager and friend and his experience and customer knowledge will be a massive loss.”

Sue Wilson: “Mike can always be relied upon to give sound advice and support and it will be this along with his professionalism that I will miss most. Not too sure I will miss the football banter though! I wish Mike a long, healthy and happy retirement with Diane, his sons and his new granddaughter.”

Dave Metcalfe: “It has been my pleasure to have worked with Mike for the last ten years; he has always been an approachable, patient and considerate boss and member of the Bartec sales team and will be missed by all of us. Happy retirement Mike!”

Matt Granger: “It was a pleasure working with Mike since I joined just over four years ago, Mike was a calm head, always had a calculated approach and most of all thoughtful when working with others. I’m certain he will be missed by the team. However, if I ever have to hear about how bad Newcastle have been recently again then it’ll be too soon.”

Karim Ramli 

"I came out of University in the 80s as a production engineer but a shortage of jobs forced a career change and I retrained as a computer and electronics engineer influenced by my interest in home computing - remember the old commodore64? My first real employment was with GE building CT x-ray machines from a kit of parts. I was introduced to reel to reel tapes and 10mb disk drives which took 2 people minimum to lift.

"After the CT manufacture was moved to Milwaukee I then did a little production engineering work, training staff in the use of semiautomatic circuit board assembly which I had programmed before moving onto building and testing gamma camera systems.

"I started with Nodecrest in Surrey in 1986 before moving back up North and this company - after a few changes - Nodecrest became Bartec in 1989 - Park Medical (Canadian takeover) in 1991, eventually went back to Bartec in 2004. So actually about 35 years in the same company!

"I have had many long years and although many have come and gone, I have remained with the changes and development of new technology within the industry."

To Karim, from our employees

John Clapham: “Karim has provided support to Bartec customers in the north of the UK for many years. He’s helped build the excellent reputation that we have. Now he’s a grandfather he’s taken the decision to retire. We wish him a very happy retirement and thank him for all his hard work over the years. Keep in touch!”

Sue Wilson: “Wishing you a great retirement, you definitely deserve it. Thank you for all of your support and assistance since I joined Bartec, I have no doubt you will be greatly missed by all."