Discover Lemer Pax at EANM 2020

21st October 2020

Don't miss Lemer Pax at this year's EANM

Lemer Pax and Medisystem are attending this year's virtual EANM on October 22nd - 30th. 

On the programme: online chat, videos, sponsorship of exciting scientific sessions echoing the versatility of the Posijet® the fractionation and injection unit for high energy radiopharmaceuticals. 

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Lemer Pax and Medisystem taking part in three scientific programme sessions at EANM

1. Prostate cancer: fractionation and injection of patient doses of Fluorine-18 and Gallium-68 with the Posijet®

First module: clinical oncology presentation with at the start of the session: “the prostate beyond staging and re-stagnation“. A module dealing with prostate cancer, for which the Posijet® independent unit can be used to prepare and inject the dose of radiopharmaceuticals labelled with Fluorine-18 (¹⁸F) as well as with Gallium-68 (68Ga) for both static and dynamic acquisitions under optimum radiation protection conditions for the operators.

You can watch this EANM session on Thursday 22 October at 1:30 pm – Channel 8

2. Breakthroughs in paediatric imaging: special care has been taken to give the Posijet® a reassuring design to put children at ease

Second module: breakthroughs in paediatric imaging. The Posijet® injection unit has received specific certification for paediatric use. Apart from optimizing its parameters to adapt to paediatric procedures, considerable attention has been paid to the aesthetics of the Posijet® with the creation of a design especially intended for children representing an “imaginary robot”. Giving the Posijet® a happy face makes the treatment less stressful for the young patients. The paediatric version of the Posijet® is now operational in the nuclear medicine ward of “Aghia Sophia” Children’s Hospital in Athens (Greece), but its new look is also attracting other hospitals such as the Rodez University Hospital (CHU) in France, which has chosen this fun design for their routine PET scans.

You can watch this EANM session on Thursday 22 October at 16:35 – Channel 4

 3. ¹³N-Ammonia: the Posijet®, first preparation and injection unit capable of injecting a radiopharmaceutical which has an extremely short half-life

Last module: the latest breakthroughs in PET-MPI/CT with a session dedicated to 13N-Ammonia (13N-ammonia Regadenoson Stress PET/CT MPI: The Impact Of Persistent Caffeine Blood Levels On Myocardial Blood Flow Metrics Utilizing A Low-Dose Rest/High-Dose Stress Protocol). A major innovation in radiation protection, the development of a software version of Posijet®, compatible with this highly specific radiopharmaceutical due to its extremely short half-life, has been operational since 2019. A first in Europe! In the ward of the Geneva University Hospital (HUG), a Posijet® injection unit dedicated to 13N-Ammonia eliminates the problems of high irradiation of the hands when preparing this radiopharmaceutical for PET cardiac scans. Since its installation, the Posijet® has already prepared over 3000 doses of 13N-Ammonia.

In the Geneva University Hospitals, a second Posijet® injection unit has been integrated in a mobile medical imaging unit to bring an imaging center as close as possible to the patients while guaranteeing optimum radiation protection conditions for the healthcare personnel– click here to access the case study!

You can watch this EANM session on Thursday 22 October at 1:30 pm – Channel 10