Transporting high energy radiopharmaceuticals with Lemer Pax

2nd September 2020

Have you seen the Lemer Pax High Energy Range for the transportation and injection of high energy radiopharmaceuticals?

The Easybox high energy carrier weighs in at 5.7kg, with 6mm shielded sides and 12mm shielded ends, and it is designed to optimize radiation protection while reducing manual handling load.

Syringe shields for high energy 

The popular Mediclic HE and Easyview HE syringe shields are also available in the high energy range and maintain the zoom effect lead glass window for easy reading of the syringe volume.

The BPP30 HV height adjustable mobile protection screen provides operator protection during high energy radiopharmaceutical administrations and when interacting with the patient. Its ergonomic design and manoeuvrability ensure it can be moved wherever it is needed. The screen is also available as a non-magnetic option suitable for PET MR.

Posijet® Radiopharmaceutical fractionation and injection unit

For bigger budgets, the Posijet® independent fractionation and injection system for high energy PET radiopharmaceuticals enables increased throughput of patients per mother solution (100% usage possible) while reducing radiation doses to staff. Earlier this year, the Paul Strickland Scanner Center chose the Posijet® as part of a major upgrade to PET-CT capability.