New software tutorial series for preclinical imaging

29th September 2020

 Try Aura software from Spectral Instruments Imaging 

Aura is a comprehensive, feature rich software analysis tool for optical imaging from Spectral Instruments Imaging.

Dr. Andrew Van Praagh, Spectral Instrument Imaging’s applications expert, explains how to analyze in vivo optical data using Aura, version 3.2, in the latest YouTube tutorial.
You will learn how to:
  • 1:15 - Load images and use image manager 
  • 6:15 - Draw region of interests (ROIs) and export data
  • 11:55 - Make and apply background ROIs
  • 13:20 - Draw ROI templates and save .ami files
  • 18:00 - Apply meta data labels to images
  • 19:00 - How to optimize calibration bars


Aura is FREE to download on the Spectral Instruments Imaging website.