A new nuclear medicine dispensing station for Salisbury NHS Trust

15th September 2020

New custom-made lead-lined furniture for the nuclear medicine department 

Bartec has recently completed an installation of a custom-made lead-lined workstation in the nuclear medicine department at Salisbury District Hospital in Wiltshire, part of Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust.

The department carries out nuclear medicine procedures including scans for lung, renal, cardiac, sentinel node, and thyroid scans.

Adapting to meet nuclear medicine regulations

Stephen White, Lead Radiographer in the Nuclear Medicine department at Salisbury District Hospital, said: “We had quite an old set-up as the building was not purpose-built for a nuclear medicine department. Over the years we have adapted to meet nuclear medicine regulations.”

Ionising Radiation Regulations (IRR17)

In the UK, nuclear medicine regulations include the Ionising Radiation Regulations (IRR17) which repealed the 1999 regulations and is government legislation for use and control of ionising radiation.

Upgrading nuclear medicine facilities to meet IRR17

The IRR17 regulations provided a recommendation that stated that the function of drawing up isotope injections should be separate from the storage of isotopes.

Stephen said: “The custom-made nuclear medicine workstation from Bartec enabled us to upgrade our facilities, carrying out the IRR17 recommendation and splitting the function of storage and drawing up isotopes, and creating a new area for injection.”

Ergonomic, neat and tidy workstations for nuclear medicine staff

Bartec and partners Raditech work closely with customers throughout the process of design right through to install, to ensure the workstations are ergonomically designed with staff members in mind.

Stephen added: “Being able to integrate the dose calibrator into the workstation creates a neat, tidy workstation for staff who are measuring patient doses, and it’s also easier to clean.

“Additionally, we were able to integrate sharps storage into the workstation behind the Laminar Flow Cabinet which again is neat, tidy and easy to clean.”