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Save time and money with radiation shielding that's designed to last

15th December 2020

Hoy Scandinavian's range of high-quality radiation protection syringe and vial shields are designed to last. Click to find out more

Unique shielding solutions for the nuclear medicine department at Cumberland Infirmary

11th November 2020

Bartec has completed a custom-made installation for the nuclear medicine department, click to read. 

An updated COVID-19 message from our UK offices

6th November 2020

In line with the new government guidance, please see our updated COVID-19 message. 

NEW: Learn more about ITD's PET hot cell

29th October 2020

Learn more about the ITD PET hot cell aimed at higher activity requirements, click to read.

Discover Lemer Pax at EANM 2020

21st October 2020

Lemer Pax and Medisystem are attending virtual EANM, find out more here. 

Lemer Pax case study: Ensuring optimal conditions for radiation protection in a mobile medical imaging unit

6th October 2020

Read the latest case study from Lemer Pax about a mobile medical imaging unit in Switzerland containing the Posijet®.

Our Autumn source order deadline is imminent!

6th October 2020

Please order flood sources for November delivery, click here to order.

New software tutorial series for preclinical imaging

29th September 2020

Spectral Instruments Imaging have released a new software tutorial series on YouTube for Aura - click to watch.

A new nuclear medicine dispensing station for Salisbury NHS Trust

15th September 2020

Bartec and partners Raditech have recently installed a custom-made workstation at Salisbury NHS Trust, click to read more.

Transporting high energy radiopharmaceuticals with Lemer Pax

2nd September 2020

The high energy range from Lemer Pax includes carriers, syringe shields and more, click to view.

Optical Imaging Webinar: Scientific Principals and Applications

20th August 2020

Join Andrew Van Praagh for an educational discussion on the scientific principles and applications of optical imaging, click to watch. 

Using LigandTracer to understand internalisation rates

29th July 2020

Click to read a new research paper that uses LigandTracer applications. 

Work smarter and safer with Instadose+™

2nd July 2020

The Instadose+ personal dosimeter ensures dosimeter collection and distribution isn't time-consuming for Radiation Protection Supervisors 

Have you seen the full Lemer Pax nuclear medicine range?

16th June 2020

The Lemer Pax range includes ergonomic products for the safe injection, preparation, and storage of radiopharmaceuticals, click to read more. 

Webinar: Noninvasive optical imaging for SARS-CoV2 drug discovery

30th April 2020

Learn about noninvasive optical imaging for SARS-CoV2 drug discovery. Find out more. 

How the Posijet® will increase PET-CT capability at Paul Strickland Scanner Center

29th April 2020

Paul Strickland Scanner Center choose a new Posijet® as part of a major upgrade, please click to read more.

Introducing LigandTracer® cell-based interaction technology

21st April 2020

Bartec is now working with Ridgeview Instruments AB, a spin-out from Uppsala University in Sweden. Click to find out more.

A message from Bartec and the LabLogic Group about COVID-19

26th March 2020

Click to read the latest update from Bartec about COVID-19.

Download free imaging software for bioluminescence, fluorescent and X-ray

25th March 2020

Download Aura imaging software from Spectral Instruments Imaging. Click to find out more. 

Our spring source order deadline is imminent!

24th February 2020

Our spring source order deadline closes this week on the 28th of February. Click to find out more.

Using the Mediso AnyScan® VS Scintigraphy System at B&W Equine Vets

10th February 2020

The state-of-the-art Mediso Veterinary Nuclear Scintigraphy System from Bartec offers exceptional bone imaging capabilities and has the highest-resolution detectors with a large field of view and excellent spatial resolution. Click to hear from B&W Equine.

Spectral Instruments Imaging has launched a new website

5th February 2020

Spectral Instruments Imaging has launched a new website, offering unrivalled sensitivity for bioluminescence, fluorescence and X-ray in vivo imaging. Click to read more.

SPECTra chosen by four UK facilities

30th January 2020

SPECTra has been chosen by four UK SPECT facilities. Click to find out more. 

New and improved Instadose+ Companion mobile app

22nd January 2020

Mirion has released a new app for the Instadose+ digital radiation monitoring device. Click to find out more.

WATCH: Posijet® - automatic injector for radiopharmaceuticals

13th January 2020

The new generation Posijet® from Lemer Pax is an independent fractionation and injection unit for high energy radiopharmaceuticals. Click to read more.

Did you know we are now working with QA Benchmark?

9th January 2020

Bartec's new partners, QA Benchmark, offer automated processing tools for the Catphan® CT and ACR MR QA phantoms as well as a QA solution routine SPECT gamma Camera QC. Find out more.