Webinar: Noninvasive optical imaging for SARS-CoV2 drug discovery

30th April 2020

Learn about noninvasive optical imaging for SARS-CoV2 drug discovery

Join in vivo Imaging Specialist, Kumar Verma, Ph.D. for an educational discussion, covering the application of Optical Imaging in studying Viral Pathogenesis, applied to SARS-CoV2 Drug Discovery, watch the webinar here

Flexible in vivo imaging

Spectral instruments imaging, supported in the UK by Bartec, offer the Lago optical imaging systems. A powerful and flexible in vivo imaging instrument, delivering an unmatched 10 mouse capacity across BLI and FLI, with optional X-ray capabilities.

The AMI-HT optical imaging system is a high throughput benchmark for in vivo imaging. The cutting edge patented LED-based illumination provides unprecedented power and previously unattained sensitivity for FLI and BLI.

Are you working with immune-compromised or diseased animals?

Consider using an air-tight, HEPA, Isolation Chamber to prevent pathogens from entering the main imaging chamber.

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