Download free imaging software for bioluminescence, fluorescent and X-ray

25th March 2020

Try Aura today, free imaging software 

Aura is a robust analysis software for BLI, FLI and X-ray and allows users to efficiently sort images and perform multiple overlays of imaging modes.

The software, from Spectral Instruments Imaging, is 100% license free and researchers can easily submit a software request form to try it out. Import legacy image files from Living Image® (IVIS®) and collaborate with teams worldwide.

Free software training

After submitting a software request form on the Spectral Instruments Imaging website here, watch the online tutorial below to get started. Andrew Van Praagh, Ph.D., Lead Applications Specialist at Spectral Instruments Imaging, explains how to sort data, manage multiple overlays, compare ROI data, and more.

Spectral Instruments Imaging 

Bartec is the UK distributor for Spectral Instruments Imaging, manufacturer of innovative instruments for bioluminescent, fluorescent and X-ray imaging. The company is based in Tucson, Arizona, USA.