Instadose striving to make personal radiation monitoring easier than ever

14th August 2019

Instadose personal dosimeters give wearers peace of mind as monitoring radiation just got easier.

The Instadose+™ is the new wireless personal dosimeter from Mirion technologies. The Instadose is a personal radiation dosimetry system that will allow you to work smartly and safely.  

Radiation Safety Officers (RSOs) can now monitor radiation levels efficiently with the Instadose+ and its wireless monitoring technology. Using these dosimeters, you can closely track exposure and pursue lower dose thresholds for high-risk employees.

Instadose+™ dosimeters boast improved dosimetry compliance whilst also simplifying dose reads. They are accessible on your smart devices and your PC’s at any time. 

This feature means you can easily closely track exposure and set lower dose thresholds for high-risk employees.

The accumulated radiation dose is stored on the Instadose+™ dosimeter, transmitted wirelessly to Mirion’s secure servers, and saved in the wearer dose records.

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