Why custom built lead cabinets are beneficial for your lab

30th April 2019


A custom-made lead-lined cabinet for Edinburgh University

Dr Christophe Lucatelli, Head of Radiochemistry, and Anne Grant, Facility Manager, at the University of Edinburgh, discuss why they chose Bartec to design a customizable lead-lined cabinet for radioactive waste.

Lead-lined cabinets designed to meet HSE regulations

Any facility that handles, stores or disposes of radioactive material must comply with regulations set by The Health and Safety Executive (HSE). Dr Lucatelli said: “We worked closely with Bartec when designing the cabinet, ensuring the design and specifications minimize radiation exposure to our staff.”

Purpose-built lead-lined cabinets to maximize your space

In addition to being build to meet the shielding requirements, custom-made furniture is designed with your site in mind. Anne added: “We’re keen to maximize the space we have available, so creating a purpose-built cabinet with Bartec has been beneficial for our department.”

Fully shielded and lockable

When storing radioactive waste, it’s vitally important to reduce the exposure to people working in and around the storage unit. Anne said: “Our cabinet has 30mm of lead throughout and is therefore fully shielded, while each drawer is also lockable.”

A quick turnaround

Dr Lucatelli added: “From design to install, the turnaround of fewer than eight weeks was extremely impressive and I would not hesitate in recommending Bartec.”

Mike Bewick, Managing Director at Bartec, said: “All lead-lined furniture is manufactured in the UK and is custom built to fit specific requirements. The range has proved popular with both universities and hospitals, as we look to establish Bartec’s position as a market-leader for lead-lined furniture in the UK.”

Bartec supplies a comprehensive range of lead-lined furniture suitable for all nuclear medicine departments and radiochemistry labs. Our experienced team are happy to talk through your requirements.

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