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AnyScan® Multi Modality System

Key Specifications

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AnyScan® SPECT-CT-PET triple modality system uniquely integrates Mediso's state-of-the-art new SPECT, PET and CT modules.

AnyScan® SPECT-CT-PET device is capable of high quality scans in both nuclear and radiological modalities – SPECT, PET and CT – and it will offer all the diagnostic and therapy planning and monitoring advantages for the patient reducing the number of necessary visits. Acquiring multiple studies during one appointment increases comfort and convenience for the patient.

The new imaging technology with AnyScan®  SPECT-CT-PET system will enable clinicians to utilize the device in five ways to perform five separate studies - SPECT-CT-PET, SPECT-CT, PET-CT, SPECT, multi-slice CT - all with a single system.

AnyScan® SPECT-CT-PET Multi Modality System will serve as a key for early diagnosis and treatment for cancer, cardiac and neurological diseases. With a single scan this imaging technology quickly captures comprehensive, accurate diagnostic information both on the two-modality molecular and anatomical levels and will enable physicians to detect changes in molecular activity and verify them even before structural changes become visible.

With early and more exact diagnosis, planning of treatment becomes more effective and the efficiency of treatment can be monitored, reducing the risk of surgery. As an effect the care of the patient will be improved.

The small footprint of AnyScan® makes it possible to integrate the system into different clinical settings. In addition the flexible modular system architecture allows Mediso to offer variety of models within the family.

AnyScan® offers multi-slice CT configuration with speed of up to 0,4 seconds per rotation, allowing acquisition of a high quality CT scan in a few seconds. This enables physicians to obtain a functionally accurate, anatomically precise SPECT or PET-CT study faster.

Owing to the modular build-up the AnyScan® is a flexible, variable system with easy combination of modalities. The system combinations may easily follow the needs of the NM-clinics or departments.

Several upgrade paths are available:

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